All about that bass: All about that bass:

A whole range of groovy basses can be found in the studio of In the videos produced by René & Gregor you see and hear those basses but also talented bassists. So you can get inspired of their playing technique, enjoy the amps & effects or just feel the groove.
Moreover there are news about basses, equipment and all the stuff bassists love.
The popularity is also shown on YouTube. The Channel has about 65,000 subscribers. Most of the videos have 20,000 – 40,000 clicks! And some videos count even more than 100,000 views. What we trying to say: They make a good job! 🙂

In the embedded video René & Greagor presents the current studio basses. In addition they show the matching and  needed instruments stands, mic stands and stands for amps/ vocals recording.

The following basses and the (sponsored) equipment of König & Meyer  you see in the video:

  • Torillo JB Prototype (min: 5:50 – 9:16)
  • F-Bass Vintage Series VF-P5 (- 12:18)
  • Adamovic Halo 5 Fretless (- 16:05)
  • Sandberg California TT4 Masterpiece (- 21:02)
  • Sunn Mustang (FMIC) Fretless (- 24:56)
  • Ibanez ATK 300 / old series (- 28:02)
  • Music Man Sterling 4 (- 33:04)
  • Sandberg California TT4 “Wasabi Bass” (- 39:36)
  • Mayones Slogan 4 “BassTheWorld” Custom (- 45:46)
  • Musicvox Spaceranger (- 49:02)
  • Musicvox Space Cadet 12-string (- end)


All infos about the basses are also in this article.

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