König & Meyer´s photo-session König & Meyer´s photo-session

Our endorsement partner „Noch ne Band“ arrived on Friday, 18th November in a studio in Stuttgart. There Vanessa Kagel (vocal, bass, songwriting), her brother Marco (drums), Tobias Künzel (guitar) and Frieder Does (guitar, vocal, songwriting) had a meeting with us, the photographer Tom Hahn and a filming team.

The occasion was a shooting for our advertising campaign. It was managed and organised together with “Finest branding”, an advertising agency for multimedia and internet. In addition to the musicians also their instruments and of course the appropriate König & Meyer equipment took part.
The whole day photos were taken and video clips were made. All people worked very hard and concentrated and also the band was very professional. But anyway it was diverting because you could feel the joy at work. For example Frieder made lots of jokes or funny poses. Unfortunately he hurt his nail at his guitar and someone had to take care of him. Lucky a small band aid was enough and the atmosphere and the work enthusiasm didn´t change.
Already after the first hours the team sang along the band´s songs and in the course of the day really everyone knew them by heart. The big and well-equipped studio with a lot of lights or the fog- and wind-machine made it easy to work – and the result has been great!

We thank “Noch ne Band” for a fantastic shooting and the cooperation. The band will keep in touch with König & Meyer – and not only with the use of our products! Well, it´s a pleasure for us to announce that “Noch ne Band” will play for us at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 on the Agora Stage! At this time their new album will be released! As they told us they have already finished the pre-production of the CD and soon they will record it in the studio.
So be up to date! We keep you informed: http://k-m.de/de/bandsundkuenstler/noch-ne-band.html

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