Music Festival Wielki Ogien Music Festival Wielki Ogien

A great music festival starting with “W” mustn’t be Wacken. 🙂 Wielki Ogien is a Polish music festival that took place last month and König & Meyer was a sponsoring partner.
During the three days six bands rocked the stage, e.g. Ania Rusowicz who has become very famous in the last years in Poland. Moreover in the daytime there was a blues and rock band contest where about 15 bands participated. König & Meyer sponsored some prizes which were presented to the winners at the final event.
Well we felt happy about even more K&M “stage presence”. We had a large standee on stage, there was an on-screen display and of course you could see our “stands in action”.
Slightly away from stage was a musical instruments and equipment exhibition where you could find the König & Meyer music accessories, too. So thanks for coming – thanks for your interest, the nice conversations and a good vibe!
We also would like to give thanks to Wojciech Krys, our representative in Poland. He did a great job as organizer and on-site manager at the Wielki Ogien festival.

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