“We’ve got a hold on it” – with the new iPad holder! “We’ve got a hold on
it” – with the new iPad

Speculation, rumors, anticipation – 7th March and “deliverance day” for all Apple fans! The new iPad was live stream launched by Apple!
The crucial factor for us was its size – and the new iPad is only 0.6 mm thicker so the new Apple innovation fits our iPad2 holders!

There’s already a holder, a wall holder, a stand holder and a desktop holder
to fit the new tablet, which isn’t called iPad3 but “the new iPad” or “iPad the 3rd generation”.
Here’s a brief list of all our iPad holders:

For the new iPad and the iPad2
iPad 2 holder 19732
iPad 2 stand holder 19722
iPad 2 wall holder 19712
iPad 2 table stand  19752

For the iPad
iPad holder 19730
iPad stand holder 19720
iPad wall holder 19710
iPad table stand 19750

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